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Top Ten Tracks from the Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire OST

With the UK release of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire coming this Friday, I thought in preparation I would take a look over the original games’ soundtrack, and see if I could pick out my ten favourite tracks from the game.

  1. Petalburg Woods

I’ve always liked my forest themes over the years, and Petalburg Wood is amongst my favourites of all of them. Makes me think of something dark, lurking in the woodland…

  1. Mt. Pyre

Has a nice eerie town to it, almost reminiscent of the original Pokémon Tower theme from Red and Blue. I think it suits the atmosphere for being the last resting place of Pokémon well, and I’ll always like this theme.

  1. Team Aqua/Magma Hideout

I have always liked the evil team’s music for the hideouts (although nothing will ever beat Sliph Co. in Red and Blue) and this isn’t an exception. Especially after the disappointment I had with the battle music when fighting Team Aqua/Magma, I was pleased that they at least got a decent hideout theme.

  1. Mt. Chimney/Sky Pillar

I have no idea why this was used for both Mt. Chimney and the Sky Pillar, because I don’t think this music really suits the Sky Pillar amazingly well, but oh well. I still like this one a lot though, though it usually puts me in the mind of Team Magma. Maybe this should have been used for their theme instead of them having the generic evil team theme.

  1. Drought Theme (Awakening Groudon)

Out of the two weather themes from these games, this is the one that struck more of a chord with me. I think this one is a lot more sinister than the rain. Whether that’s because I live in the UK where rain, often heavy rain, is one of those facts of life that we have to deal with, I found the idea of constant sun and drought a lot more threatening.

  1. Dive Theme

I’m under the sea, I’m under the sea. Sorry, that’s all I think when I hear this music. Really great bouncy stuff… which is a complete contrast to the fact you’re under the sea, where it’s dark and Pokémon like to jump out at you. I also like the little touches this theme has of the bubble sounds in the background as well. It’s just a pleasant track to listen to. Which considering how much of your time will be spent diving later in the game, is not a bad thing.

  1. Route 113

Considering I don’t generally pay much attention to the music used for the routes, on account of it generally being quite repetitive in the older games, I was pleased to see that with the release of Ruby and Sapphire, the music for each route was varied slightly, and most routes, or at least, most sets of routes, had their own theme. Anyhow, I consider this my favourite of all the routes in the game. I don’t know, maybe I like volcanos, or maybe I enjoyed kicking up volcanic ash by running through it.

  1. Abandoned Ship

I think it’s sad, in a way. This wonderful big ship had an accident (and it’s heavily implied it might be the SS Anne of Red/Blue/Yellow fame) and has now been left to crumble and rot by the wayside. Luckily, you can still go there and explore the ship and pillage it for the last few items left which haven’t already been had by explorers prior to you. The music suits the feel of it being somewhere which was once grand but has now crumbled into decay.

  1. Lilycove City

Almost got the top spot! With the exception of possibly two other cities (Black City and Driftveil City), this remains my favourite town/city theme. I find it quite relaxing, and can well imagine standing by the sea wall, looking out over the sea. I also have memories of spending a very long time in this city, collecting Berries from that gentleman who hands them out, and taking part in the Pokémon contests held here, in the vain hope that eventually the artist would paint my Pokémon so I could obtain that glass statue for my secret base…

  1. Mt Pyre’s Peak

I did have to think about this one going in as my favourite. It was a close call between this and Lilycove. However, in the end, this one won out because it is linked to one of my favourite areas in the game, Mt. Pyre. Maybe it’s an outgrowth related to my liking of the original Lavender Tower’s music? But I think this is a lovely track which really suits the atmosphere, considering it’s the final resting place for Pokémon, even if there is a fight with the rival team at this location.

Well, there’s my favourite ten – any agreements or changes you would have? I’m hoping they haven’t butchered the original OST too much in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, as it’ll be a shame to have it too different to the original, especially as the OST was one of my favourite parts of the original third series.

Written by Karen

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