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EGXP 2013 coverage:

So, this years Eurogamer expo was not as content filled as it normally is. However there was a rear gem, Transport Tycoon. The classic PC game from many a year ago is finally headed to Apple and Android devices, with a slick touchscreen based control, place roads and rails similarly to Roller-coaster tycoon. The game suffers from slight lag on the I-Pad but runs well on the newer Android devices. Chris Sawyer and his new company, 31X, have pulled all the stops out to make this classic work extremely well on mobile devices.

Here’s hoping on a PC reboot with some shiny new graphics…

Ace Combat’s latest sequel is a polished game, with crisp graphics, slick gameplay, and well textured aircraft, although a slightly awkward control scheme.

I also managed to get hold of the NVidia Shield, and although a good device with a seamless stream from Steam on a PC, it does suffer from being quite weighty and the ergonomics work only for someone with big hands. A shame, because the controller layout is good, and the screen is big enough for most handheld games. However, when stuff like the Archos GamePad 2 (with the original already a fantastic bit of kit) coming into existence, one has to wonder if the Shield has any potential, particularly when you consider Androids ability to run emulators for older consoles.

I have played a bit of Grand Turismo 6 but was disappointed by the terrible handling and outdated graphics. For a PS4 game, it should have been better. Oh yes, I have played on the PS4. Controller is good I must admit, I do like the newer more ergonomic design, although I dont get what is up with the big overlapping bit at the front going around the top, it does not make any sense.

Sims 4 looks worse than Sims 3. And that is saying something. It also plays the same but with EA’s strange obsession with being social but showmanistic, no doubt you can expect a bad set of servers and alot of paygate content. Shame. Maxis used to make great games.

Oh, and I really could not be bothered to sit through the 2 hour Battlefield 4 que. Sorry. Just not happening.

Xbox One really needs to advertise itself with something more than cartoony platformers…

Apologies for the lack of material, but I was quite disappointed by the lack of quality games at this years Eurogamer. Although the hardware was good.

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